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Coding: Giving your students the essential skills to their future

After sold-out conferences across the country <Code/17> is back and we are ready to ‘run’ some off the charts learning!


24-25 July
Rendezvous Perth Central
24 Mount St

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24-25 July
Rydges Sydney Central
28 Albion Street
Surry Hills

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30-31 August
Royal on the Park
152 Alice St

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16-17 October
Rendezvous Grand Hotel
328 Flinders St

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Coding is being called the new language of the future. If you’ve been paying attention then you know there is a growing and essential demand for coding to be taught from F-12, alongside literacy and numeracy.

“There’s hardly any industry now in which you don’t use programming skills.” Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb

  • The federal government has recently committed over $9 million towards teaching coding in the curriculum
  • ACARA recommends visual coding programs begin at Year 3
  • Australia will need 100,000 more workers with ICT skills within five years – Australian Computer Society

The need to teach coding in our schools has finally arrived, and it’s time to meet the challenge. MyLearning’s < Code/17 > Conference is hot off the presses, developed to be across everything educators need to know to be prepared for the future of coding, today.

“Teaching maths without teaching coding is crazy. Kids who code have a lot of fun doing it.’’ Professor Geoff Prince, director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute 

Is the < Code/17 > Conference for you?

“It’s vital we have coding taught in primary school but we also need teachers who can teach it, and we certainly don’t have enough.’’ Karen Spiller, Chairperson, Association of Heads of Independent Schools

  • Are you keen to learn how to effectively teach coding within the Australian Curriculum?
  • Do you want to apply tried and tested methods being used right now by F-12 teachers and school leaders?
  • Is coding is new to you, or you have begun your journey and are looking to stay on target?

Across the two packed days of MyLearning’s < Code/17 > Conference you will experience hands-on examples of coding, strategies to address the curriculum, and proven resources to assist you in the classroom. We understand that our attendees come from a range of school settings with varying technology platforms and we have developed a conference framework that adapts to your needs.

MyLearning is committed to empowering educators with knowledge that can be actioned and making your time with us valuable, long after the conference is over.

Code attendees were asked- What did you like best about the conference?

“The ideas and discussions shared were relevant and gave interesting insights to the curriculum. I almost have too many ideas!! Such a wealth of information was shared, really appreciate it, thank you!”
Matt Mulree, West Beach Primary School, SA 

“It was a wonderful two days with so much learnt and so much to take away and share with professional colleagues – thank you.”
Therese Howarth, Wesley College, WA 

“Thanks to the team at MyLearning. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the events I have attended and I’m enjoying developing opportunities for my colleagues and students to get into coding. I’ve learnt more about STEM too”
Melbourne participant 

“Great so many great resources and useful things I can take away and do immediately with my class. Very practical.”
Diana Harris, Richmond Primary School, SA 

“Everything. It was really good, lots of great resources, good info, good mix of learning styles, lots of videos, engaging presenter, digital sandpit time, everything!!!”
Melbourne participant 

“Great conference.  One of the best professional development days I’ve attended in my career.”
Melbourne participant 

Welcome to < Code/17 > How to get future ready in … 2 days.


Day 1: Access Coding 101 – Basics and beyond (Part 1)
Perth: Monday 24 July 2017
Sydney: Monday 24 July 2017
Brisbane: Wednesday 30 August 2017
Melbourne: Tuesday 17 October 2017

Registration 8:45am, 9.00am-3pm
Presenters: Ben Kramer (Perth), Michelle Jensen (Sydney), and Callum Parker (Brisbane and Melbourne)

  • What’s the buzz about?
    Journey with us to unpack the history of coding

    Clear up for once for all what it is, and what is isn’t
    - You’ll discover why coding has become so critical in 2017 and beyond 
  • Beyond the buzz – what are the core benefits in teaching and learning
    – What evidence is there that coding is a vital skill right now?
    – What are the key benefits for students to learn coding at every age?
    – How will schools benefit in the long-term from getting on board?
  • Coding and the Australian Curriculum Part 1 (Part 2 continues on Day 2)
    In this two part section you’ll explore how to:
    – Competently address the Digital Technologies of the Australian Curriculum
    – Apply these requirements creatively and elegantly to coding in your Australian classroom
  • Coding vs Programming
    – We ask: Is there really a difference and does it even matter?
  • The many languages of Coding
    HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Agile, Robotics, Open-Ended Aps… it can make your head spin!

    Relax, as together we will dive in and get familiar with the different jargon and languages of coding and their application.
  • The cool connection between Gaming and Coding
    – Just what is gaming, and why do students (and many teachers) love it
    – We’ll explore how gaming involves coding and the implications for learning?
    – You’ll learn real-life examples of how gaming can be used to effectively and creatively to teach the skill of coding
  • Tapping In – how to harness the power of gaming in the classroom!
    – What if Game Based Strategies could be used to improve learning and behaviour?
    – You’ll learn from educators who have tapped-in and are harnessing gaming with incredible results for increased and sustained learning
  • Game On!
    - You’ll explore the big players using gaming in education
    - We look at games that feature coding that students are using now, and how they can be used in the classroom for evolved learning outcomes
Day 2: Access Granted – Meeting the future today
Perth: Tuesday 25 July 2017
Sydney: Tuesday 25 July 2017
Brisbane: Thursday 31 August 2017
Melbourne: Wednesday 18 October 2017

Registration 8:45am, 9.00am-3pm
Presenters: Ben Kramer (Perth), Michelle Jensen (Sydney), and Callum Parker (Brisbane and Melbourne)

  • Coding unplugged – understanding ‘computational thinking’
    - By the end of this session you’ll understand that ‘computational thinking’ requires both critical and creative thinking to solve problems

    – You’ll be armed with ways to engage these important skills in your teaching and learning
  • Challenges Ahead – and how to meet them
    - A peek into the good, the bad and ugly: Q and A tips on how to address potential challenges from educators who have been there and are walking the talk

    – Learn how to apply strategic planning to enable coding excellence in your classroom
  • Teacher Toy Time
    Discover how to teach coding using droids, bots and other cool toys
    You’ll have to chance to objectively explore a range of ‘toys’ that your facilitators and peers are using to teach coding skills (without any sales pitch!)
  • Predicting the Future – why are we coding now?
    We’ll look at the vital importance coding will have for our student’s future
    - Why students will be employed or creating their own jobs in industries that they will create, and the skills schools need to giving now to assist future needs

    – Understanding how Tech-based start-ups and the use of Apps is shaping the future
  • Coding and the Australian Curriculum Part 2 (continued from Day 1)
    - You’ll continue from the Part One and learn further strategies for addressing the Digital Technologies of the Australian Curriculum and how to practically apply it to teaching coding in the Australian classroom
  • Coding with STEAM
    - You’ll roll up your sleeves up, turn on the gas and get STEAMing!

    – Learn how to collectively use coding across the five curriculum areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math
    – See applications for cleverly harnessing tinkering and maker space experiences
  • Building your coding tribe
    - A look at how coding and school leadership need to work hand in hand

    – While understanding the challenges schools face in general, we offer you a practical school leadership perspective on how to implement a ‘we need coding now’ culture in your school
  • Ready, Set, Go – Get Resourced for Success
    You’ll get set for teaching coding in your classroom with success. Go back to school with a toolkit of tried and tested advice and ongoing peer support to get you on your way.

Both days feature unsurpassed learning opportunities:

  • Hands-on coding for teachers
    People learn best by doing. Both coding savvy and coding novices will benefit from MyLearning’s successful style of ‘set your own pace’, open learning activities and hands-on tasks.
  • Coding through the Year Levels from F-12
    All educators from early primary to senior secondary will discover what are the best coding platforms and technologies for your year levels.
  • MyLearning’s Coding Teacher Team
    Opportunities to hear from our Coding Teacher Team on specific experiences, examples, stories and resources they use every day in their classrooms.
  • The 3C’s – Coding, Collaboration and Consolidation
    A chance for structured collaboration, where attendees share and practice their day’s learning about how to use coding in the classroom
  • Coding Sandpit Time
    Jump-in at your own pace – explore further with your team, connect with peers at other schools, get clarification and immerse yourself into further related learning with coding and gaming! This is always a treasured time of day at MyLearning conferences and ensures we maximise every minute of your valuable time. 

“It’s really important that children have these skills early in life, but we need to make it fun for the children. It needs to be creative for them.’’ Emma Milburne, IT program leader, General Electric 

Meet your < Code/17 > Conference facilitators

MyLearning has actively sought out the best digital technology educators from across Australia, renowned for being leading-edge and innovative, who are using coding in their schools with ongoing success. 

About Callum ParkerCallum Parker

Callum is a dynamic and experienced teacher dedicated to using technology in creative ways that both enhance and redefine student learning. He holds a Master of Education, specialising in ICT from the University of Melbourne and is Head of E-Learning at his school’s Melbourne campus.

A passionate advocate for mobile technology as a powerful learning platform, Callum is inspirational in sharing innovative ideas and strategies to get the most out of these devices (and from our students!). Always in the pursuit of exceptional teaching and learning, he believes that we must continually empower educators with the skills and strategies for today’s 21st century digital classroom. He has written articles and presented widely on the successful implementation of iPads in schools. A vocal advocate for teaching coding in schools, Callum is constantly in awe of his student’s abilities and has seen the long-term benefits of his students learning these vital skills for the future.

Callum is excited to continue his role as part of our <Code/17> Conference Team and collaborating with educators from around Australia on effective ways to get students coding in their classrooms. Now in his fifth year with MyLearning as a key member of our team we are thrilled to have Callum continue as part of our professional learning team in 2017.

You can follow Callum on Twitter @callum1975 

About Ben KramerBen Kramer

Ben is an experienced generalist classroom teacher as well as Technologies Curriculum Support Officer for the staff of the John Calvin Schools in Perth. Ben actively works with F–12 teachers in supporting them to understand and implement the Digital Technologies Curriculum.  He knows firsthand that continual professional learning is fundamental for teachers who need to develop a strong pedagogy and effective digital teaching practices, to engage and prepare 21st Century Learners for the future ahead. 

Ben is a natural tech lover with expertise in applying Minecraft, Bots, Coding, and iPad learning in the classroom.  He has taught from junior primary to middle school including as an Indonesian Language teacher; and applies parallels between teaching a foreign language to teach the language of coding. Mostly, Ben enjoys exploring different ways of integrating technology into the classroom to enhance creative learning through student collaboration and project based work. His latest project is developing a pilot STEAM Lab at one of the John Calvin Schools which he hopes will be replicated at the other campuses.  

Over the years Ben has been actively involved in many MyLearning Conferences and last year he successfully delivered the <Code/16> Conference to sold out numbers in Perth and Adelaide. MyLearning is delighted to have Ben continue in his role on the Code/17 Conference Team and he looks forward to sharing ideas and inspiring teachers to use coding and gaming to enhance students’ learning experiences. 

You can follow Ben on Twitter @benkramer77 

About Michelle JensenMichelle Jensen

Michelle literally has a library of expertise at her fingertips, as both the President of the School Library Association of NSW, and Teacher Librarian at a large secondary school. An avid media specialist, Michelle studied game theory as a part of her Master’s thesis and enjoys using this knowledge daily to empower students, teachers and librarians to create dynamic interactive learning experiences.

Acutely aware of the need to apply technological innovation to education, Michelle recently transformed her school library by incorporating an iPad bar and an ever-evolving Makerspace. Her innovative and collaborative Pop-Up Makerspace blends traditional arts with digital technology and is in demand at schools, local libraries and conferences.

Michelle is an experienced and engaging facilitator, and has also presented at three EduTech Conferences, where she imparted cutting-edge approaches for the use of technology in the classroom and library. 

MyLearning is excited to have Michelle join us again for the <Code/17> Conference. Michelle will invite you to think outside the box while providing a dynamic learning experience using robots, games and digital technology expertise. 

You can follow Michelle on Twitter @Bibliothecaire3 

Please note
Participants will receive notes that include the activities and resources completed within the session. Participants will receive a certificate of 12 hours of professional learning for both days or 6 hours for one day. It’s BYOD. A Wi-Fi connection will be available for participants to use.


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  • for any one day on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Two Days


  • for two days on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Please note
The same person must attend the two days for the discounted price above. If there are two or more bookings from the same school or organization, there is a discounted price of $349 per day and $529 for two days. Due to the hands-on nature of these days the numbers are capped so act fast if you would like to attend.