CyberSafe Conference 2017

How schools can empower young people to navigate a digital world


23-24 October 2017
Rydges Sydney Central Hotel
28 Albion Street
Surry Hills

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26-27 October 2017
Rendezvous Grand Hotel
328 Flinders Street

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Equip yourself for success at the 2017 CyberSafe Conference

Yes, students today are incredibly savvy in using their digital devices.

Yes they often teach us a thing or two.

And yes, as educators we are proud of their resourcefulness and aptitude.CyberSafe Conference 2016

Yet so often we hear stories about the tragic consequences of online naivety. To this we must collectively say ‘No more!’

Our schools need to be taking decisive action to empower teachers and students with crucial 21st century safe digital skillsets.

The 2017 CyberSafe Conference will provide authentic and valuable insight into the state of play of young people online. Over two days we take a solution orientated approach to provide you with the critical strategies and resources required to support responsible online behaviours.

You will explore three key areas:

  1. How can schools be proactive in equipping young people to safely navigate today’s online world?
  2. What cyber behaviours do students need to acquire today, to create positive online personas and adequately protect their future?
  3. Where can teachers be most effective in providing meaningful learning in the classroom?

Over two days you will develop smart and savvy ways to keep your students CyberSafe:

  • Discover how to teach effective and responsible online behaviours
  • Be equipped with practical strategies
  • Get armed with current and relevant resources
  • Learn how to identify a lack of safety-aware skills and how to empower useful ones


10 Essential Skills and Practices for Empowering Cyber Safety and 21st Century Digital Skillset

Sydney: Monday 23 October 2017
Melbourne: Thursday 26 October 2017
Registration 8:45am, 9.00am-3pm
Presenter: Justine Isard

  1. Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying Awareness

You’ll examine what specific digital skillsets are necessary to ensure that students are empowered to participate privately and safely in online environments.   This includes being able to impart in students a greater understanding of cyber bullying, where and how it occurs, and what practical actions they need to take if they are cyber-bullied or witness cyber-bullying.

  1. Online Collaboration and Communication

Virtual teams and online communities provide scope for high level social and collaborative learning. Tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and Blab are fun and as such, need to be used with purpose. You’ll explore how students can create positive communication across local and global online groups. This includes awareness of cultural literacies, how to build rapport, online etiquette, online productivity, organisational skills and understanding of purpose in online contexts.

  1. Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

Together, we consider the power of technology and the permanency of online communication.
How to be smart in deciding what we want the world to know about us?
What is personal branding in a digital sense?
Where can students be proactive and make informed choices when sharing information online?

  1. Mindful Cyber Security

Students go everywhere with their digital devices. School, home, sport, shops, friends’ homes … Therefore the need for secure online infrastructure exists at school and beyond. Learn the best advice to give students and parents to ensure their data is kept safe and protected.

  1. Thinking Skills and Digital Productivity

Effective Thinking Skills are essential to keep students on track in a distracting digital world. You will explore what specific problem solving and thinking skills students need to navigate and be productive online, now and in the future. We will workshop how to best teach and encourage relevant styles such as critical thinking, creative thinking, adaptive thinking, divergent thinking, and inventive thinking.

Sydney: Tuesday 24 October 2017
Melbourne: Friday 27 October 2017
Registration 8:45am, 9.00am-3pm
Presenter: Justine Isard

  1. Developing Information Literacy

You will learn how to empower students to be digitally literate and solution orientated when online. They need to know how to source information effectively by understanding learning purpose, but also how to be discerning, question credibility, and recognise source. Today, these skills are as essential as reading and writing, and prepare students for tertiary life and the workplace.

  1. What is Cyber Ethics?

Students have access to a world of online information and use it in many ways. This session is about questioning the ethics of using online materials, understanding intellectual property, and providing solid direction for educators needing to support their students to be sensitive and respectful.

  1. Empowering Parent and School Community

Every day, parents are asking schools for direction in setting digital behaviours. We look at what role schools can play in advising parents and school community on best practices for technology use in the home. What are appropriate technology usages? How do you prevent digital misuse at home from stilling into the classroom?  How can you advise parents to best role model technology usage and balance? We show you supportive strategies, guidelines and resources.

  1. Digital Diets, Technology Health and Physical Safety

Our young people will be using technology all their lives and schools also have a role to play in creating physical safety. Discover what a digital diet is, and how it relates to the topic of physical balance in young people’s lives. Learn how to encourage student to be responsible for ‘behaviour’ rather than put blame on inanimate technology. Lastly we look at innovative and leading thinking classroom examples from around the world on safe and responsible technology ergonomics.

  1. Imparting Global Citizenship

You want to send your students off into the world as respectful global communicators. We workshop various strategies for developing and displaying digital manners, civic responsibility, self-awareness and empathy when online. How to create classroom lessons which show that the rules for being a good and kind person, saying please and thank you, – are the same whether online or offline.

Both the professional development and the networking experiences provided me with so many quality resources, strategies and ideas to take back to my school and work through with my colleagues.”
Daniel Smith, Head of Educational Technology (Primary), Citipointe Christian College, Brisbane

About our dynamic learning environment…

MyLearning conferences are interactive and workshop based, to readily equip you with the skills every teacher and student needs in today’s digital classroom. You will engage in practical, how-to learning using:

  • Facilitated Q & A open forum discussions
  • Rich collaboration and networking opportunities
  • Real life classroom examples
  • Opportunities for informal discussions and sharing of ideas

 Meet your CyberSafe Conference Facilitators

MyLearning welcomes a co-creation team of exceptional educators to facilitate CyberSafe 2017, including MyLearning founder Justine Isard. Their complementary experiences and backgrounds ensure you walk away from this conference not feeling overwhelmed and defeated, but fully equipped with real strategies, current and relevant resources. You will develop a sound and solid direction of how to empower your students to increase cyber safety and correct digital skillsets.

Justine Isardjustin-white

Justine Isard is a dynamic and experienced Keynote Speaker, Educator, Writer, and the Director of MyLearning. For over six years Justine has delivered a number of Keynote, Workshop, Forum, and Breakout sessions for large and small conferences and schools around Australia. Justine has also written many articles for a variety of high profile education publications on technology and school leadership. Justine works closely with schools leaders in understanding their context and supporting them professionally in moving in the right direction for their students.

Up until a few years ago Justine’s professional background was in the schools where she has worked for 15 years. Justine has taught both in primary and secondary schools here in Australia and in the UK.

Justine brings strong leadership and solid experience to achieve effective professional learning. She believes in leading by example and strives to role model the types of leadership behaviours and characteristics she wants to see in schools today. Justine sees ongoing professional learning as key to providing the best outcomes for students, while also moving teaching in a positive direction.

Justine is not afraid to shake things up to improve learning for our students. She has been described as a passionate, current, and lively presenter who inspires positive action in others. She works closely with educators and school leaders in cultivating the best teaching and learning environments. Justine believes technology greatly enhances the learning experience of our students and knows by working alongside educators we can provide dynamic, real and authentic teaching and learning for our students.

Justine is excited to be part of this experienced and inspiring professional learning team for this co-created event and looking forward to leading learning when it comes to making our school communities, especially our students more CyberSafe and more empowered online!

Follow Justine on Twitter @mylearningtweet


Nick BurleyNicholas Burley

“I believe that all educators can use digital technologies in meaningful ways to promote rich and challenging learning environments.”

Ringwood North Primary School has long prided itself on innovative teaching and learning practices. Nick’s role in this is to support and build staff and student capacity with effective use of all digital technology. Since the ‘iPads 4 Learning Department Trial’ in 2010, Nick worked with the school community to refine their 1:1 BYOD iPad program.  He is currently implementing the Education Department’s ‘New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Initiative’, which focuses on how pedagogy, combined with technology, can deepen student learning.

Nick is an advocate for Challenge Based Learning, a collaborative experience in which teachers and students learn together about real world issues, and leverage technology to propose solutions to global challenges. These exciting learning experiences also engage and inspire the wider school community.

In his pursuit of educational excellence, Nick has created and strengthened external partnerships to increase the professional capacities of his team. His access to Apple and the ‘Robogals’ program at Monash University serves to increase student aspiration and enhance achievement in STEM subjects.  These quality partnerships and a rigorous ICT learning program continue to make Ringwood North PS a place of creativity and innovation.

Nick is committed to staying current with best practices in digital education and is excited to be continuing with the MyLearning team in 2017.

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Participants will receive notes that include the activities and resources completed within the session. Participants will receive a certificate of 12 hours of professional learning for both days or 6 hours for one day.
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