Flipped Learning Conference 2018

- How and why you can flip your classroom (for primary and secondary)


The Flipped Learning Conference is back in Melbourne and Adelaide! This is the flipped learning event you’ve been waiting for …

  • Discover how you can flip learning in your primary or secondary classroom
  • Rapidly increase your understanding, skills, experience and know-how
  • Learn how flipped learning successfully increases student engagement and achievement
  • Work closely with Australia’s flipped learning expert, Jeremy LeCornu from Seaview High School (SA), and other experienced Australian educators who are making it happen and achieving outstanding results

Flipped learning makes sense in today’s digital classroom as a proven method to increase student engagement and results. In a flipped classroom, the student does the lower level (easier) learning before class, and utilises class time for higher level thinking, rich collaboration and maximised learning.

 “The most damaging phrase in the language is – it’s always been done that way. We need to find different ways.”
Nick Shepherd at TEDcMCPSTeachers August 2012 speaking on the flipped classroom

Is this two-day event for you?

The Flipped Learning Conference 2018, is for educators who are keen to get started as well as those who are looking to consolidate prior experience.

  • Are you a primary or secondary educator?
  • Are you looking for inspiring real-life primary and secondary flipped learning examples?
  • Do you need support to create powerful recorded lesson content?
  • Would you benefit from increasing your pedagogical understanding and practises?
  • Do you want to learn from Australia’s best flipped learning experts?

Seven ways this Conference will support you

  • Discover why and how to flip your classroom
  • Learn how to easily set up your own inexpensive teacher recording studio
  • Easily harness pedagogical models to increase learning and engagement
  • Get specific activities and know-how designed to accommodate the principles of flipped learning in schools
  • Access proven tech tools and strategies to harness the power of flipped learning
  • With valuable opportunities and clear instructions so you can hit the ground running and put your learning into practice immediately
  • Plus you’ll have continued access to relevant flipped learning resources that can be utilised at the conference and upon your return to school   
Day 1: Flipped Learning Conference 2018 (Part 1)

Program Outline for Day 1

Flip the Switch – Getting started with Flipped Learning

  • What exactly is flipped learning?
    -The rationale behind the flipped learning approach.
    -How to maximise benefits for staff and students.
    -Real life success stories for you to replicate.
  • ‘Flip the Switch’ Session – Hands-On content creation time (Part 1)
    Learn what are the best technologies to use, and why, from educators who are doing it successfully in their own classroom. Then apply your learning and begin to create content with support from the team.
  • How to increase student interaction
    Understand how to challenge students by increasing creative and critical thinking skills within a flipped learning context.
  • Flipped learning and leadership
    As a leader, discover how to flip meetings, flip collaborations, and find opportunities for you to be a working model for change that staff can emulate and follow.
Day 2: Flipped Learning Conference 2018 (Part 2)

Program Outline for Day 2

Flipping Fantastic – How to ensure your flipped classroom is a success

  • Getting technical
    -We delve into the technology, planning and tools you’ll need to comprehensively develop and implement flipped learning.
    -Learn step-by-step, how to set up technology so students can access content easily, engage naturally and achieve higher learning.
  • ‘Flip the Switch’ Session – Hands-On content creation time (Part 2)
    Discover what are the best technologies to use, and why, from educators who are doing it successfully in their own classroom. Then apply your learning and begin to create content with support from the team
  • Inside the class
    -Real life learning examples, activities and resources that will empower your students.
    -How to fully leverage face-to-face time with rigorous and challenging student activities.
    -Effective assessment strategies in a flipped learning classroom.
  • Achieving Learning Outcomes
    How to maximise the benefits of flipped learning and achieve rich collaboration geared to learning outcomes.

Both days feature practical hands-on learning

  • Real life examples, actual flipped learning lessons, and relevant ideas for both primary and secondary classrooms across many curriculum areas.
  • Strong connections to the Digital Technologies within our Australian Curriculum for the primary and secondary classroom.
  • Personal journey stories from the Flipped Learning Teacher team – their own challenges and triumphs to take back to your school.
  • Extensive networking with peers for valuable insights and extended learning opportunities.
  • Continued access to relevant flipped learning resources that can be utilised immediately upon your return to school.  


Flipped Learning Attendee Reviews

Jeremy’s passion and enthusiasm for quality teaching and learning is infectious. He has inspired me to flip my classroom and my students have benefited significantly. Jeremy’s extensive knowledge and experience in leading others has also helped me to promote flipped learning throughout my faculty. 
Patrick Mackay – Design and Technologies Coordinator, Brighton Secondary School, SA

The course was absolutely sensational! I have come away feeling so motivated and ready to try these ideas in my classroom. Jeremy is an outstanding presenter.
Joanne Brendish, Casula Public School, NSW 

The program was well delivered, very well paced and really inspiring – actually walking away feeling confident about using the resources provided.
Jess Ranisch – Rochedale State High School, QLD 

Excellent! Loved the hands on approach and the support was there if/when we needed it.
Stephanie James – Melbourne Girls’ College, VIC 

Excellent presentation. Very structured and informative. A lot of opportunity to actually create something tangible to bring back to school and feel like you’ve begun the process of implementing flipped learning.
Robert Peluso – St Columba College, SA 

Very inspiring, clearly presented. Well-structured with time to learn about and time to play with the many apps introduced. ​
Alisha Smith – Cessnock East Public School, NSW 

Lots of applicable information for both Primary and Secondary schools. LOVE the time for project creation and making, so participants apply their knowledge to their context.
Hannah ​Dodds – Harrisdale Primary School, WA 


Meet your Flipped Learning Conference Facilitator

MyLearning is thrilled to have Jeremy LeCornu continue as part of our team of exceptional facilitators. Jeremy is an inspiring and dedicated educator who is committed to helping others implement flipped learning in their schools and classrooms.

His recent awards and recognitions include:

  • Early Career STEM Educator of the Year at the South Australian Science

Excellence Awards in 2013

  • Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering South Australian Teacher Award in 2014
  • EdTechSA Leading Light Award in 2014
  • Apple Distinguished Educator 2015

In November, 2015 Channel Seven featured Jeremy in a news item on Flipped Learning.  Watch here

About Jeremy LeCornuJeremey

As the Assistant Principal – Innovation, Teaching and Learning at Seaview High School in South Australia, Jeremy is committed to making curriculum content readily accessible to students anywhere and anytime. Jeremy has had great success publishing video lessons for Biology students on YouTube and anytimeeducation.com. This flipped learning style enables Jeremy to maximise his face-to-face class time to develop positive relationships with students and provide them with challenging learning opportunities.

To further his expertise, Jeremy is completing a Masters Research project focused on flipped learning. He has been responsible for leading the implementation a whole school flipped learning program at two schools in Adelaide. Jeremy’s knowledge is highly sought and he frequently presents at conferences around Australia.

MyLearning is delighted that Jeremy is continuing in his role as creator and facilitator of this outstanding conference and to share his expertise with our community at the Flipped Learning Conference. Like those that attended in 2016 and 2017 we know you will find this a very valuable and stimulating 2-day opportunity not to be missed.

Follow Jeremy on Twitter @MrLeCornu

Please note
Participants will receive notes that include the activities and resources completed within the session. Participants will receive a certificate of 12 hours of professional learning for both days or 6 hours for one day.
It’s BYOD. A Wi-Fi connection will be available for participants to use.


One Day

  • for any one day on offer
  • Morning tea
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Notes
  • Attendance certificate

Two Days

  • for two days on offer
  • Morning tea
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Notes
  • Attendance certificate
Please note
The same person must attend the two days for the discounted price above. If there are two or more bookings from the same school or organization, there is a discounted price of $349 per day and $529 for two days. Due to the hands-on nature of these days the numbers are capped so act fast if you would like to attend.