Future Learning Conference

MyLearning is thrilled to announce the 2018 Future Learning Conference

Q. How do schools face the difficult learning challenges of an ever-changing world?
A. By remaining relevant.

The Future is here, NOW!

The recently coined ‘Founders’ generation (those born after December 2000), are challenging the boundaries of education like never before. Schools must turn these challenges into opportunities to remain relevant, and we must start now.

Future Learning Quadrant

About The Future Learning Quadrant

An effective place to start meeting the challenges of change is with The Future Learning Quadrant, developed specifically for F-12 educators and school leaders.

Like all aspects of our lives, technology has changed the learning experience at schools dramatically.  Schools don’t want to be learning environments that waste time teaching skills that will be replaced by robots in the next decade.

The main purpose of schools and their importance in the lives of young people remains vital, however, new approaches and ideas must regularly be considered. We need to question what thinking, skills, and experiences are valuable for our students to have today and for tomorrow. We want to develop robust learners who are future-fit for the 21st Century.


During this two-day conference, you will explore and understand the four main quadrant areas

1. Innovative Learning Spaces in Schools
2. Intersecting technology and pedagogy
3. Cultivating the 21st Century Learner, and
4. The importance of the Adaptive Teacher in the 21st Century 

Over these two days, you will unpack exactly what learner’s need for now and for tomorrow. You’ll receive current resources, cutting edge research, tangible inspiration, real life examples, and innovative strategies to take back to your schools and classrooms. Overall, the Future Learning Quadrant will give you the skills to be confident about delivering purposeful and relevant learning, directly applicable to the ‘Founders’ generation of learners.


Day 1 Overview: Supporting the future-ready student 

Quadrant 1: Innovative Learning Spaces

‘Reggio Emilia referred to the classroom as the third teacher, this session will unpack how to leverage the physical space for 21st Century learning styles.’ Justine Isard

1. Ideal Learning Spaces for the 21st Century School

Discover how different learning spaces can achieve maximum innovation, creativity, motivation and collaboration from learners. Explore spaces such as:

  • Maker-Centred Spaces
  • Innovative concepts like the Apple Genius Bar
  • Learning spaces that offer more tinkering, investigating, choice and cross-curricular opportunities

2. The BYOD Learning Environment: it is coming!

Schools now realise that they must get ready to embrace the era of students bringing their own devices into the classroom. You will explore effective ways to manage your environment and get the best from your students regardless of the device they bring to the classroom.

Quadrant 2: Cultivating the 21st Century learner 

‘21st Century learning needs to be focused around skills building and differs profoundly to 20th Century learning, which was about content.’ Justine Isard

This second area of the quadrant focuses on the four most essential 21st Century skills our ‘Founders’ generation need to develop to be successful learners:

  1. Joi Ito’s, ‘The Four P’s of the Creative Learning – Projects, Peers, Passion and Play’
  2. Mastering Grit, Growth Mindset, and Resiliency – the ability to keep going when learning gets hard
  3. The keys to fostering purposeful learners who are adaptive, inventive and agile in continual times of change
  4. How to be digital fluent learners in the Information Age

Day 2 Overview: Empowering the future-ready educator 

Quadrant 3: Intersecting Pedagogy and Technology 

‘The key to using technology as a learning enhancer is well-thought pedagogy.’ Owen Flattery

A dynamic session on the third section of the future learning quadrant, during which you will:

  • Learn how to ensure that pedagogy comes first when using technology in teaching and learning
  • Know how to move away from technology for the sake of it, and instead, understand how to use technology as a powerful and important tool to achieve higher learning outcomes
  • Explore pedagogical models such as Challenge Based Learning, Project Based Learning, SAMR, and more, that achieve rich pedagogy with technology
  • Discuss coding, robotics, 3D printing, STEM, virtual reality – all the latest and greatest tech to be across and how to fit it into your curriculum
  • Discover why Game Based Learning is the most underutilised platform for enhanced learning and digital citizenship 

Quadrant 4: The Adaptive 21st Century Teacher

‘To be effective as educators, we need to be able to think on our feet, and move in the direction that is best for our students.’ Amanda Bowman

The ability to be adaptive as a teacher is critical as roles continually change due to technology and varying curriculum demands. This session revolves around the importance of the teacher in the 21st Century classroom and the best ways of guiding learning for today’s students. During the final quadrant session, you will discover how to be a deeply effective facilitator of learning in the 21st Century and unpack strategies, ideas and examples to support you in your development. 

  • The guide on the side
    As a guide on the side, you create collaborative learning environments such as shared learning, tap into student skills, and involve students in learning decisions
  • Deeper learning: facilitating learning a robot couldn’t do!
    Utilising the Three P’s of Deeper Learning: Purposeful, Personalised and evokes Passion, in ways that facilitate deeper learning in students
  • Importance of teacher growth in the 21st Century classroom
    Teachers also need time to investigate and learn. Share in strategies that expand opportunities for teachers to play, experiment, take risks and connect.

By now, at the end of the conference, you will have relevant strategies, life-long skills, clear direction and deep knowledge of how to best prepare a learning environment for the 21st Century. You will be well equipped and freshly inspired to face the learning challenges of an ever-changing world. 


Testimonials on our Professional Learning

“Our School Improvement Team attended this Future Learning Conference and were most impressed at the amount of learning that we did over the two days. We enjoyed the passionate presenters who led us through the four areas of the Future Learning Quadrant. 

It was great to receive an amazing array of resources and research, too. Overall an inspirational conference which I would totally recommend as wonderful professional learning.”

Laureen Walton, Principal
Sandringham East Primary School (VIC)


“The use of the Future Learning Quadrant provided a great opportunity to explore key areas and challenges educators face in creating relevance for 21st Century learners. Plenty of thoughtful discussion, mixed with practical activities and loads of ‘takeaway’ resources made it a great two days of professional learning.”    

Geoff Bilney, Head of Future School
Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School Inc (SA)


“MyLearning conferences are a refreshing new form of professional development for teachers grounded well in helpful pedagogical approaches and research.”

Belinda Martins, Technologies and Innovation Coordinator
Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney (NSW)



Meet your Future Learning Conference Team:

MyLearning is excited to bring together this innovative and creative team of co-creators for our Future Learning Conference

Justine Isard

Justine Isard

Justine Isard is a dynamic and experienced Keynote Speaker, Educator, Writer, and the Director of MyLearning. For over seven years Justine has delivered a number of Keynote, Workshop, Forum, and Breakout sessions for large and small conferences and schools around Australia. Justine has also written many articles for a variety of high profile education publications on technology and school leadership. Justine works closely with schools leaders in understanding their context and supporting them professionally in moving in the right direction for their students.

Up until a few years ago Justine’s professional background was in the schools where she has worked for 15 years. Justine has taught both in primary and secondary schools here in Australia and in the UK.

Justine brings strong leadership and solid experience to achieve effective professional learning. She believes in leading by example and strives to role model the types of leadership behaviours and characteristics she wants to see in schools today. Justine sees ongoing professional learning as key to providing the best outcomes for students, while also moving teaching in a positive direction.

Justine is not afraid to shake things up to improve learning for our students. She has been described as a passionate, current, and lively presenter who inspires positive action in others. She works closely with educators and school leaders in cultivating the best teaching and learning environments. Justine believes technology greatly enhances the learning experience of our students and knows by working alongside educators we can provide dynamic, real and authentic teaching and learning for our students.

Justine is excited to continue to be part of this innovative and dynamic co-creation team for our Future Learning Conference and looking forward to leading learning when it comes to making our schools ready for the 21st Century!

Follow Justine on Twitter @mylearningtweet


Owen Flattery

Owen Flattery

Owen is a highly experienced educator, speaker, and creator of various educational Apps. He is the Digital Technologies Leader at Lauriston Girls’ School in Melbourne. A major focus of this role involves the integration of digital tools in to teaching and learning across all areas of the School. He helps deliver the 1-1 Device Program and holds professional learning sessions for peers. He is a strong advocate for developing socially responsible, creative, and connected learners.

An engaging and down to earth presenter, Owen holds a strong belief that we must support our teachers with effective ways of integrating technology into the curriculum. A Google Certified Educator, Owen is in awe of the digital opportunities available for both educators and students and takes pride in finding the best ways to incorporate emerging technologies into the classroom.

Owen has worked with MyLearning for several years as a co-creator of the successful iPad Toolbox for the Classroom and STEMaker 17 and STEMaker 18 Conferences and as a lead presenter at our annual iPad Learning Conference. Owen remains convinced that quality professional development is the key to moving forward with successful technology integration. 

He is looking forward to continuing to collaborate and share new ideas with other educators at our Future Learning Conferences around the country and support them to create immediate, effective and dynamic learning for their students. MyLearning is immensely pleased to have Owen back for another year of exciting, cutting-edge professional development.

You can follow Owen on Twitter @flattero


Amanda Bowman


You will quickly discover that Amanda is an energetic and engaging presenter who strongly believes that teachers hold the key to opportunity for their students. During the Future Learning Conference, she will share her extensive hands-on knowledge of what it takes to be a successful Digital Technologies teacher and help students excel in the 21st Century. 

Currently Amanda is assistant leader for a Digital Technologies project involving 10 schools in SA (primary and secondary schools) within her partnership focussing on cultivating the 21st century learner. She is also a year 4/5 classroom teacher providing hands on experiences and integrating digital technologies throughout all subject areas. 

Amanda specialised in ICT at UniSA, has taught Digital Technologies from Prep – Year 10 and is the head of Digital Technologies and STEM at her school in South Australia. She is a mentor teacher for other staff and team teaches. A Google Certified Educator and Trainer and Microsoft Teacher Ambassador, she presents at various conferences across Australia.

She works one on one with teachers in their classrooms from other schools in her partnership to integrate 21st century learning throughout the curriculum. Amanda holds parent evenings for schools to educate parents and highlight the necessity of actively engaging our students in technologies to benefit their futures. 

Amanda is a deeply effective facilitator of learning in the 21st century and believes the importance of teacher growth is paramount to enable students to excel. 

Fresh from the highly successful STEMaker 17 and STEMaker 18 Conferences that Amanda co-created with the MyLearning team we are once again delighted to have Amanda continue as a co-creator of the Future Learning Conference bringing her passion, experience and innovative thinking for today’s learners. 

You can follow Amanda on Twitter @Amanda_Bowman1



Your Future Learning Conference inclusions

  • Participants will receive notes that include the activities and resources completed within the session.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of 12 hours of professional learning for both days or 6 hours for one day.
  • A Wi-Fi connection will be available for participants to use. Please BYOD.



One Day


  • for any one day on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Two Days


  • for two days on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Please note
The same person must attend the two days for the discounted price above. If there are two or more bookings from the same school or organization, there is a discounted price of $349 per day and $529 for two days. Due to the hands-on nature of these days the numbers are capped so act fast if you would like to attend.