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Get ready to rethink the way you use technologies in your classroom

Join us in a leading-edge two-day conference based on the ITLC 10 Must-Have Essential Skills that aims to:

  • work alongside educators showcasing and exploring relevant technology for your classroom
  • take the time to understand your teaching and learning context, and how to effectively harness technology to maximise learning outcomes
  • guide you through authentic and technology-rich examples and experiences
  • engage you in hands-on technology experiences that will enhance learning
  • equip you with the skills, mindset and knowledge to integrate technology in purposeful ways

Join us for Two Inspiring Days that pivot around Two Important Keys:

Key One: Innovative Use – How to leverage the most relevant technology to increase learning and improve academic outcomes

Key Two: Meaningful Use – How to use emerging technology as a learning enhancer where the purpose of learning becomes front of mind


You will be:

  • Inspired by an interactive showcase of relevant tech platforms that students will want to use
  • Energised by a renewed mindset towards the authentic use of technology
  • Encouraged to workshop and engage in hands-on technology experiences
  • Given exclusive access to a customised technologies resource page
  • Armed with a solid direction and plan of action to use in your teaching

Who should attend?

  • K-12 educators who agree they want to improve teaching and learning using technology by increasing teacher capacity.
  • Committed teachers who want knowledge in action from relatable, hands-on peers who are already leading the way in their classrooms.
  • School leaders seeking value-packed and leading-edge information for their school

Testimonials on our Professional Learning

“From engaging in many MyLearning conferences has broadened my perspective around effective integration of technology and been an excellent next step for me in my role as a specialist teacher in Digital Technologies. It helped me to be more across current technology in the classroom and up-skilling my practices and understandings. With all the professional learning opportunities I’ve been to with MyLearning I have been able to take back and share with my staff at my school the resources from each conference. I’ve also taken back the strategies for successfully embedding a variety of technology so the learning can continue and more staff and even more students ultimately benefit.”
Philippa Hunt, Specialist teacher for Digital Technologies (Pre Primary to Year 6)
Mandurah Baptist College (WA)

“MyLearning never cease to engage and inspire! Techniques and tools to take back to the classrooms, enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters.”
Carli Baker-Barnes, Learning Technologies Coordinator
Taylors College Sydney Campus, Study Group Australia

Day One: Innovative UseHow to leverage the most relevant technology to increase learning and improve academic outcomes

“We want our students to be more than just consumers of technology, and we need to prepare our students for their future … learning needs to be about problem-solving, creativity, interaction with others and cognitive flexibility.” Sarah Tirtilas and Kim Adam, Co-Creators of Innovative Technologies and Learning Conference

  1. Computational Thinker – algorithms, coding and robotics
    • We explore relevancies to the Digital Technologies in context with the Science and Technology Syllabus to design digital solutions and digital technologies
    • You will understand the key vocabulary and how to use it
    • Experience interactive tasks for applying computational thinking to the classroom and real life
  1. Equipped with assessment tools for success – – aligning curriculum, learning experiences and pedagogy
    • Learn about Formative Assessment, what is its value and how to achieve best results
    • Exciting ways for students and teachers to use video for quality assessment
  1. Role model innovation and facilitate the use of technology only as learning enhancer
    • Discover where to start with the K-12 DigiTech curriculum
    • Find out how to embed rich technology experiences in classrooms from K-12 
  1. Problem Solver – I use relevant technologies to find solutions
    • A hands-on introduction to robotics using visual coding and unplugged activities and more
    • Explore robotics for learners of all ages
    • Participate and collaborate in Maker Mindset stations
  1. Failure is a pathway to successful learning; see how this applies to coding
    • Discover how to plan, code and debug a problem
    • Use problem-solving skills to refine, correct and be an effective learner

Day Two: Meaningful UseHow to use emerging technology as a learning enhancer where the purpose of learning becomes front of mind

Day Two builds on Day One for accelerated professional development.

“We need to prepare our students now for the emerging and unknown technologies of the future through resilience, confidence and a growth mindset. Engaging students in tinkering and testing new ideas will equip them to design and produce innovative solutions for future real-world problems.” Belinda Martins, Co-Creator of Innovative Technologies and Learning Conference

  1. Design Thinker – 21st C design processes
    • Unpack design thinking and share examples of how it looks at different year levels
    • See how to apply creative thinking skills to teaching and learning contexts
  1. Risk Taker, Empathetic, Open Minded – encompassing – V.R. A.R. and Gamification
    • Explore Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    • How to best facilitate these critical skills across all year levels while leveraging these emerging technology platforms
  1. Resiliency and a growth mindset to keep learning- for students and teachers
    • Deep dive into Fixed vs Growth mindsets and find out why it matters
    • Learn how to assess your mindset and the mindset of your students and use this as a springboard to improve learning
  1. The classroom is more focused on bravery than perfection – increasing girls in tech
    • Harness social justice issues to engage all students’ interest in STEM
    • Learn how to use real-world problem-solving in the classroom for lasting impact
  1. Tinkerer – explore, investigate, create with emerging technologies
    • See how to use video games to set challenges and explore solutions
    • Guided play vs free exploration – the benefits of tinkering
    • Review the best of big-ticket and budget-friendly tech resources



Both days include

  • Real life examples and relevant ideas for both primary and secondary classrooms across many curriculum areas
  • Strong connections to the Digital Technologies within the Australian Curriculum for the primary and secondary classrooms
  • Personal journey stories from the ITLC team – including their challenges and triumphs to take back to your school
  • Extensive and active networking with peers for valuable insights and extended learning opportunities
  • Continued access to relevant Technology resources that can be utilised immediately upon your return to school


Meet your Innovative Technologies and Learning Team:

About Kim Adam & Sarah TirtilasKim and Sarah

Kim and Sarah are a dynamic duo based in Melbourne. Both Kim and Sarah are dedicated to researching and implementing the seamless integration of technology into their teaching and learning practices. They have seen first-hand how this strategy empowers their students with innovative ways to take ownership of their learning and produce high levels of learning.

Kim and Sarah are highly capable and experienced educators who have successfully mentored the tech journey of teachers across Australia. They have been sought out to facilitate tech-initiatives through their school networks, including their expertise and application of strategies with iPads and their relevance in today’s digital classroom.

They are active on Twitter where they collaborate with teachers from around the Twitter-verse to create professional learning opportunities around tech integration and quality teaching and learning. Since 2014, Kim and Sarah have co-created and facilitated two sold-out conferences (iPrimary and later iBasics) with MyLearning.

Kim and Sarah are engaging, down to earth and inspiring presenters who are generous in sharing their ideas, strategies and experiences. We know that like other attendees, you too will walk away from this event enthused, ‘resourced-up’ and equipped with solid ideas to implement back in your classrooms.

You can follow Kim on Twitter @Ipadkimmy and Sarah @sarahtirtilas


About Marissa SavilleMarissa Saville1

Marissa is the Primary Coordinator at Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston, Tasmania and has over fifteen years expertise as a Learning Technologies teacher. In her role, she strives to develop a positive attitude towards using technology as a tool to enhance learning for both students and staff alike. 

Finding innovative ways of integrating new technologies into the classroom is a daily pursuit, and she is especially keen on using robotics and coding to engage students. Another focus is exploring smart ways of using technology to capture learning as formative assessment.

Marissa has a doctoral degree in interactive technology and has a keen interest in this field and how it can be harnessed to enhance student learning. A widely respected educator, she has published a paper for the first ACEL/Microsoft online conference for innovative teaching and learning, presented at the DEST AGQTP National Forum in Melbourne, and published two book chapters, “Robotics as a Vehicle for Multiliteracies” and “The Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Education”.

After being a part of numerous MyLearning conferences, Marissa is delighted to have joined the team of dedicated and enthusiastic educators for ITLC.

You can follow Marissa on Twitter @Marissa_Saville


About Angie Yannopoulousangie1

Angie is a Digital Technologies teacher with a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Multimedia. Angie is sought after by her peers for her digital knowledge as she believes helping teachers foster 21st-century learning skills in students is crucial to their future success. In her role, she strives to provide her colleagues with the skills, strategies, and support they need.

She is consistently looking for new ways to innovate in education, whether it’s developing programs for her school’s new VR Lab, implementing Design Thinking into the curriculum and planning or creating authentic interdisciplinary STEAM programs for students. She is a passionate advocate for STEAM education, combining creativity with the arts, sciences and beyond with a hands-on approach both in and outside the classroom.

As an educator at a girls’ school in Melbourne, she has a special interest in girls coding and robotics and harnessing these tools to encourage her students to grow into resilient, brave young women.

MyLearning is thrilled to have Angie for the Innovative Learning Conference team after her success with STEMaker 17/18 and to bring her proven rich use of technology in the classroom to this conference. 

You can follow Angie on Twitter @angie25


About Belinda MartinsBMartins Photo

Belinda is a highly accomplished and innovative educator and holds a Master of Interactive Multimedia from the University of Technology, Sydney. For over ten years, Belinda has worked in K-12 independent and systemic schools as a specialist educator and integrator. As a Professional Learning and Development Officer, she is an engaging facilitator and has designed a wide range of online professional learning resources.

Currently, she is the Technologies and Innovation Coordinator at Presbyterian Ladies College in Sydney. Belinda believes in inspiring female students to be resilient and innovative problem solvers while encouraging them to be future leaders in STEM. In her role, she supports teaching staff with embedding digital technologies and innovative learning experiences across the curriculum. 

Recently she established and led a Junior School Innovation Team of teachers to design a student-centred Innovation Lab and a supporting PK-6 Innovation Process. Belinda leads, inspires and supports the Innovation Lab where teachers guide students to use computational thinking skills to design and produce solutions to real-world problems.

You can follow Belinda on Twitter @miss_martins


Your Innovative Technologies and Learning Conference inclusions

  • Participants will have access to a customised online resource page during and after the conference
  • Participants will receive a certificate of 12 hours of professional learning for both days or 6 hours for one day with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • A Wi-Fi connection will be available for participants to use. Please BYOD.



One Day


  • for any one day on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Two Days


  • for two days on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Please note
The same person must attend the two days for the discounted price above. If there are two or more bookings from the same school or organization, there is a discounted price of $369 per day and $549 for two days. Numbers are capped so act fast if you would like to attend.