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Conference 2018


STEMaker is the latest leading edge conference from the MyLearning team.
You are guaranteed

  • Two Interactive and Rewarding Days
  • Five Innovative STEM and MakeSpace Educators and Co-Creators
  • Essential Steps for Authentic STEMaker Success

MyLearning’s five leading-edge primary and secondary educators will guide you over two days of deep experiental learning.

After two days, you will have these nine core learnings:

  • How to be a ‘Maker and Shaker’ in your school
  • Essential aspects of successful STEM and MakerSpace learning
  • How to build and develop your STEM and MakerSpace
  • Tangible ideas to implement immediately
  • Tried and tested strategies, guidance, and examples from our panel of experts
  • Which relevant frameworks and pinpointed curriculum areas to access first
  • Common challenges and strategies for overcoming them
  • Lasting professional learning experiences
  • An extensive resource list you can continue to access via our learning portal


Day One begins your exciting journey as you learn how to make a difference with MakerSpace at your school. 


1. Why be a Maker and Shaker? The many benefits of MakerSpace and STEM

1.1 Hand in glove – Discover why MakerSpace and STEM go so well together

  • Back to basics: We unpack what STEM and MakerSpace are and what they are not
  • See what STEM and MakerSpace look like in other schools with real life examples to inspire you
  • Identify what exists at your school now, and how you want it to look, by when
  • Explore the latest thinking about how schools could be working differently
  • How to provide solvable challenges and tap into students as creators
  • Relevancy – why it makes sense to get excited about STEM and Makerspace now. What are key learning benefits and future career paths?

1.2 Spotlight on Girls and STEM

  • Learn how to entice and encourage girls to be Makers
  • Explore real life strategies with proven girl appeal
  • What are the best teaching styles and ways to encourage girls

1.3 Your Online Resources

  • An overview of MyLearning’s online resources for making a success of Maker Space and STEM – receive teacher and student resources to start you on your way!


2. How to Make it Stick – Success stories and how to apply them like glue in your school

You’ll be inspired by …

  • Real life and personal stories of success across F-12
  • Authentic examples of students bringing STEM and MakerSpace to life that showcase the end product, as well as process
  • The importance of allowing students to create for a real audience and real purpose
  • Lessons in collaborative learning styles and how to make real industry connections
  • How to use talents and technology to make lives better, while cultivating entrepreneurial and global citizenship skills and make a difference in the world


3. Set it UP and Shake it UP!! – DOUBLE SESSION

Part One: Set it Up – Logistics, Procedures and the MakerSpace Framework

  • Learn the how-to practicalities of a MakerSpace set-up
  • Gain tangible resources and ideas of setting up a successful MakerSpace
  • Timetabling and logistics – a realistic approach to planning and making room in your curriculum
  • Access the best protocols and procedures necessary to develop a plan and direction for your school

Part Two: Shake it Up – Strategies for long-term collaboration and planning

  • Getting Started – How to tap into teacher talents and inspire collaboration
  • Plan for long-term success – The importance gradual implementation and purchasing, and why you don’t have to do everything in the first year!
  • A winning strategy – Tips for utilising your facilities and specialist teachers to ensure collaborative MakerSpace success


4. Make the Flip – 4 ways to use Flipped Learning in MakerSpace and STEM

  • How to apply Flipped Learning in STEM and MakerSpace Environments
  • How to define learning benefits for students using real examples, strategies, resources and ideas
  • Explore how online resources such as ‘Super Awesome Sylvia’ can be used to extend and motivate students
  • ‘Practice makes perfect’ – learn by doing as you make a flipped learning video

Day Two is your chance to go deep with the learning from Day One, to ensure your legacy resonates in your school and in your students, for many years to come. 


1. Make it Simple – Clever Ideas on a Budget

You don’t need a million bucks for STEM and MakerSpace to be successful in your school.

You will hear directly from teachers who are giving their students amazing learning experiences in STEM and MakerSpace on a small budget using a large amount of creative thinking. Learn for yourself how to achieve amazing results with everyday materials. 


2. Make it Last – A useful guide to setting up scope and sequence

Get ready to work as we guide you through a process of setting up a lasting and successful MakerSpace and STEM environment from primary to secondary, and from year to year.

  • We start with these two key questions:

What do you want your students to understand by the end?

What skills can you build on through this experience?

  • Using a continuum style rubric made for teachers (by teachers) in the Australian Classroom, we explore age appropriate STEM and MakerSpace activity ideas and skillsets, including links to Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum. You will have an opportunity to begin a continuum scope and sequence for your school. 


3. Make and Measure – Let’s look at Criteria and Assessment and how to measure success

An important and in-depth session that examines how to connect to assessment and curriculum with MakerSpace and STEM at your school. We explore four critical areas of teaching and learning:

  1. How do we measure student learning and achievement in these new learning environments?
  2. What goals and skills do you want to see students achieve?
  3. Is graded assessment necessary?
  4. How to set up rubrics, and criteria for MakerSpace and STEM 


4. Make space for Fun and Thinking!! – DOUBLE SESSION 

Part One: Space for Fun – How to incorporate coding and robotics
Great ready for fun, in an interactive session showcasing tried and tested ideas and examples!

Part Two: Space for Thinking – The key thinking skills needed for success

We look at the most important thinking skills to cultivate in your schools, such as Design Thinking and Adaptive Thinking, as well as Inventive, Collaborative, Resilient & Solution Orientated Thinking 


5 Make it BIG! – Finding your ‘Big’ STEM and MakerSpace Idea.

Planning Backwards – how to make this happen at your school
‘The Big Idea’ Planning Backwards Framework starts with what you want to see achieved at your school. Then, with the guided support of the STEMaker Team at your disposal, you will:

  1. Reflect and brainstorm on all the knowledge, experiences, resources, connections, and inspiration gained over these two days
  2. Identify your Big Idea and your ongoing role
  3. Scope your key goals and your planning framework
  4. Put knowledge and ideas into action by planning your next steps

Both days in your MyLearning conference include

  • Real life examples and relevant ideas for both primary and secondary classrooms across many curriculum areas
  • Strong connections to the Digital Technologies within our Australian Curriculum for the primary and secondary classroom
  • Personal journey stories from the STEMaker team – including their challenges and triumphs to take back to your school
  • Extensive and active networking with peers for valuable insights and extended learning opportunities
  • Continued access to relevant STEM and MakerSpace resources that can be utilised immediately upon your return to school


STEMaker Testimonials

The STEMaker Conference provided a great balance of professional learning – theory and relevance of STEM in education, examples of good practice and loads of practical ideas and resources to take straight back and use at school. The presenters were organised and engaging; the two days just flew!

Geoff Bilney, Head of Future School
Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School Inc

MyLearning conferences are a refreshing new form of professional development for teachers grounded well in helpful pedagogical approaches and research.

Belinda Martins, Technologies and Innovation Coordinator
Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney

At the MyLearning conferences I attended during 2017- STEMaker and Future Learning Conference, I came away inspired and excited to implement a wealth of new ideas into my teaching programs. The team bring such enthusiasm and up-to-date knowledge on 21st century teaching. Their practical approach to delivering content both encourages and support buy-in from all attendees. It isn’t often you attend training and development and come away with access to free resources for a year and ongoing support from presenters and other attendees. I’m looking forward to attending again in 2018!

Erin Wilson, Digital Technologies Teacher & STEM Coordinator
Para Hills School P-7


Meet your Makers – Five exceptional facilitators

MyLearning welcomes a dynamic team of co-creators to inspire your learning during the STEMaker Conference 2017.


Amanda Bowman


You will quickly discover that Amanda is an energetic and engaging presenter who strongly believes that teachers hold the key to opportunity for their students. During STEMaker, she will share her extensive hands-on knowledge of what it takes to be a successful Digital Technologies/STEM teacher.

A leader in STEM learning design and assessment, she held a key role in the Year 7/8 STEM Collaborative Inquiry Project. Amanda is also involved in the STEM Learning Strategy, promoting a significant shift in our public education system to give each student age appropriate STEM knowledge and skills, using inquiry-based teaching and learning from preschool.

Amanda specialised in ICT at UniSA, has taught Digital Technologies from Prep – Year 10 and is the head of STEM at her school in South Australia where she acts as a mentor teacher for other staff. A Google Certified Educator and Trainer and Microsoft Teacher Ambassador, she presents at various conferences across Australia and also a co-creator of the very successful Future Learning Conference.

MyLearning is delighted to have Amanda back for another year to continue her role as a dynamic co-creator of STEMaker and a highly valued member of our team.

You can follow Amanda on Twitter @Amanda_Bowman1



Aimee Shackleton

Aimee ShackletonAimee has previously held the role of Technology and Innovation Coach at her school, and currently works in elearning, working with staff to help embed technology use across faculties and year levels, including STEM units.

A highly accomplished and innovative teacher of mathematics and technology, she holds a Master of Education from the University of Melbourne. Aimee is a Digital Author for Pearson, peer reviewer for the Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer, Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2, Evernote Community Leader and in 2017 was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. 

Aimee manages her own YouTube and ClickView channels, was named a Flipped Learning Global Ambassador (2016), is among the top 100 educators leading Flipped Learning worldwide and in 2017 was the first person in the world to achieve Flipped Learning Trainer certification. An engaging and thought-provoking speaker, she presents around Australia and internationally on Flipped Learning and Technology in education. 

MyLearning is excited that Aimee believes professional development should be about teachers learning by doing and having tangible evidence to take back to their school. Her presentations reflect this approach, and we’re delighted to have Aimee continue on the team.

You can follow Aimee on Twitter @aimeeshack


Angie Yannopoulos

AngieAngie is a Digital Technologies teacher with a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Multimedia. She is a passionate advocate for STEAM education, combining creativity with the arts, sciences and beyond with a hands-on approach both in and outside the classroom.  

As an educator at a girls school in Melbourne, she has a special interest in teaching girls coding and robotics, and she oversees a budding MakerSpace in the school library. Above all, she uses these tools to encourage her students to grow into resilient, brave young women.

Angie is sought after by her peers for her digital knowledge. She believes helping teachers foster 21st-century learning skills in students is crucial for their future success, and strives to provide her colleagues with the skills, strategies, and support they need.

MyLearning is thrilled to have Angie continue her role on our STEMaker 18 team and bring her proven rich use of technology in the classroom to this conference.  

You can follow Angie on Twitter @angie25


Owen Flattery

Owen FlatteryOwen is a highly experienced educator, speaker, and creator of various educational Apps. He is the Digital Technologies Leader at Lauriston Girls’ School in Melbourne. In his role on the School’s digital curriculum team, he helps co-deliver the 1-1 Mobile Device Program and holds professional learning sessions for peers. He is a strong advocate for developing socially responsible, creative, and connected learners.

An engaging and down to earth presenter, Owen holds a strong belief that we must support our teachers with effective ways of integrating technology into the curriculum. A Google Certified Educator, Owen is in awe of the digital opportunities available for both educators and students and takes pride in finding the best ways to incorporate emerging technologies into the classroom.

Owen has worked with MyLearning for several years as a co-creator of the successful iPad Toolbox for the Classroom conference and as a lead presenter at our annual iPad Learning Conference and more recently the cutting edge Future Learning conference. Owen remains convinced that quality professional development is the key to moving forward with successful technology integration. 

He is looking forward to collaborating and sharing new ideas with other educators at STEMaker and supporting them to create immediate, effective and dynamic learning for their students. MyLearning is immensely pleased to welcome Owen back for another year of exciting, cutting-edge professional development.
You can follow Owen on Twitter @flattero


Callum Parker

Callum ParkerCallum is a dynamic and experienced teacher dedicated to using technology in creative ways that enhance and redefine student learning. He holds a Master of Education specialising in ICT from the University of Melbourne and is the Head of E-Learning at his school’s campus in Melbourne.

A strong advocate for mobile technology as a powerful learning platform, Callum is inspirational in sharing innovative ideas and strategies to get the most out of mobile devices (and from our students!).
Always in the pursuit of exceptional teaching and learning, he believes that we must continually empower educators with the skills and strategies for today’s digital classroom. Callum has presented widely and written articles on the benefits of iPads in schools. His latest passion is for the evolving role of coding in the classroom, and the assistance classroom robots can provide in learning.

Callum is excited about another year of working and collaborating with educators from around Australia. MyLearning is thrilled and grateful to have Callum continue as part of our professional learning team in 2017.

You can follow Callum on Twitter @callum1975


Your STEMaker inclusions

  • Participants will receive notes that include the activities and resources completed within the session.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of 12 hours of professional learning for both days or 6 hours for one day.
  • A Wi-Fi connection will be available for participants to use. Please BYOD.




One Day


  • for any one day on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Two Days


  • for two days on offer

  • Morning tea

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Notes

  • Attendance certificate

Please note
The same person must attend the two days for the discounted price above. If there are two or more bookings from the same school or organization, there is a discounted price of $349 per day and $529 for two days. Due to the hands-on nature of these days the numbers are capped so act fast if you would like to attend.