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Friday 1 September 2017

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Introducing STEMcoder- Students attend for FREE!!!

After five years of sold out iPad Learning Conferences we have decided to evolve this conference to include any device teachers and students are using. The Australian education landscape is continually changing when it comes to technology integration in schools and with this in mind we decided to create a conference that reflects the needs of today in schools. Teachers and students will learn together and take back the best learning to their schools.

MyLearning is proud to announce our STEMcoder- Teacher & Student 2017 Conference, where both teachers and students will receive innovative ideas, purposeful experiences around relevant topics 21st Century classrooms need! Best of all for every teacher that registers they can bring a student with them for free! We would like to see groups of teachers register with their groups of students- learning together, because it makes sense in this digital age!

Not only are the professional learning needs of teachers met to the highest standards, students will also increase their tech skillsets and like other students that have attended in past they will truly appreciate this opportunity.

Why Teachers should attend….

Over the day teachers will be able to immerse themselves in an array of relevant professional learning experiences and receive innovative ideas to take back to their classrooms to put into place immediately…


  • STEM & MakerSpace- Nifty ideas and doing it on a budget
  • Robotics- what’s out there? How do we fit it into curriculum?
  • Coding- Increase your coding literacy to increase coding practice in your classroom
  • Strategies for getting girls more involved in STEM, Coding & Robotics
  • Intersecting Pedagogy and Technology- essential mix to ensure tech is a learner enhancer in your classroom!

Why Students should attend….

Students love our conferences, they get to engage, learn and collaborate with other students and teachers from other schools. It’s an incredible opportunity for them to represent their school and a wonderful way of valuing their partnership in making your school great.

Students (from Year 3 – 12) will engage in workshops, hands-on sessions with other students and teachers and absolutely be enjoying and learning throughout the day.


  • STEM and MakerSpace – get ready for lots Innovation Mindset! We are going to build your growth mindset, team mindset & maker mindset!
  • Robotics – explore Robotics playground & learn!
  • Coding- let’s get coding in MinecraftEDU and other coding adventures
  • Open Forum- students leading the learning…a space in time for students to showcase and spread their ideas when it comes to creating tech
  • Put your critical thinking hats on- Amazing Digital Race Fun & Tips for building digital skillset on identifying what makes information real!

Meet your STEMcoder team

Justine Isard

Justine IsardJustine Isard is a dynamic and experienced Keynote Speaker, Educator, Writer, and the Director of MyLearning. For over six years Justine has delivered a number of Keynote, Workshop, Forum, and Breakout sessions for large and small conferences and schools around Australia. Justine has also written many articles for a variety of high profile education publications on technology and school leadership. Justine works closely with schools leaders in understanding their context and supporting them professionally in moving in the right direction for their students.

Up until a few years ago Justine’s professional background was in the schools where she has worked for 15 years. Justine has taught both in primary and secondary schools here in Australia and in the UK.

Justine brings strong leadership and solid experience to achieve effective professional learning. She believes in leading by example and strives to role model the types of leadership behaviours and characteristics she wants to see in schools today. Justine sees ongoing professional learning as key to providing the best outcomes for students, while also moving teaching in a positive direction.

Justine is not afraid to shake things up to improve learning for our students. She has been described as a passionate, current, and lively presenter who inspires positive action in others. She works closely with educators and school leaders in cultivating the best teaching and learning environments. Justine believes technology greatly enhances the learning experience of our students and knows by working alongside educators we can provide dynamic, real and authentic teaching and learning for our students.

Justine is excited to be part of this experienced and inspiring professional learning team for this co-created event and looking forward to working with all the teachers and students that attend- this is our only conference that involves students and is such a highlight to the year for MyLearning!

Follow Justine on Twitter @mylearningtweet


Owen Flattery

Owen FlatteryOwen is a highly experienced educator, speaker, and creator of various educational Apps. He teaches Science and is the Science Learning Area Leader at St Bede’s College in Melbourne. In his role on the School’s digital curriculum team, he helps co-deliver the 1-1 Mobile Device Program and holds professional learning sessions for peers. He is a strong advocate for developing socially responsible, creative, and connected learners.

An engaging and down to earth presenter, Owen holds a strong belief that we must support our teachers with effective ways of integrating technology into the curriculum. A Google Certified Educator, Owen is in awe of the digital opportunities available for both educators and students and takes pride in finding the best ways to incorporate emerging technologies into the classroom.

Owen has worked with MyLearning for several years as a co-creator of the successful iPad Toolbox for the Classroom conference, a lead presenter at our annual iPad Learning Conference and also the very successful STEMaker Conference. Owen remains convinced that quality professional development is the key to moving forward with successful technology integration. 

He is looking forward to collaborating and sharing new ideas with other educators and students at STEMcoder and supporting them to create immediate, effective and dynamic learning. MyLearning is thrilled to have Owen as part of our STEMcoder- Teacher and Student Conference.
You can follow Owen on Twitter @flattero 


Angie Yannopoulos

Angie YannopoulosAngie is a Digital Technologies teacher with a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Multimedia. She is a passionate advocate for STEAM education, combining creativity with the arts, sciences and beyond with a hands-on approach both in and outside the classroom.  

As an educator at a girls school in Melbourne, she has a special interest in teaching girls coding and robotics, and she oversees a budding MakerSpace in the school library. Above all, she uses these tools to encourage her students to grow into resilient, brave young women.

Angie is sought after by her peers for her digital knowledge. She believes helping teachers foster 21st-century learning skills in students is crucial for their future success, and strives to provide her colleagues with the skills, strategies, and support they need.

MyLearning was thrilled to have Angie as a keynote speaker at the <code/16> conferences in Melbourne and as a co-creator of our highly successful STEMaker Conference and is so pleased to have her part of our co-creation team for STEMcoder- Teacher and Student Conference.

You can follow Angie on Twitter @angie25





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Please note

For every teacher registration a student can attend for free. There is a small discount of $10 off when two or more register. For example if two or more teachers attend from one school it will be $419 per teacher registration allowing for two or more students to attend for free. Due to the hands-on nature of this conference the numbers are capped so act fast if you would like to attend.